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1. A/An subpoena is a writ issued by a court of justice requiring a person to appear before the court
at a specified time.

c. subpoena

2. The writ ordering a person to be brought before a court or judge, so that the court may ascertain
whether his detention is lawful is called Habeas Corpus …………………. .

b. Habeas Corpus
3. An amendment is an addition, alteration or improvement to a motion or document

c. an addition, alteration or improvement to a motion or document.
4. A/An indictment is a written statement of the details of the crime with which someone is
charged in the Court.

d. indictment
5. In the sentence: No cruel punishments shall be inflicted upon the prisoners. to inflict means:

a. to cause something painful or unpleasant to be suffered by someone else;

6. In the sentence: The rights presented in the Constitution shall not be construed. to construe

c. to interpret the meaning of something;
7. In the sentence The news about the NSA's eavesdropping programs, to eavesdrop means:

b. to listen secretly to the private conversation of others;

.8. In the sentence The federal government has vowed to prosecute, to vow means:

a. to pledge, promise, or undertake solemnly;

.9. In the sentence The government must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that, beyond any
reasonable doubt means:
c. almost certain proof needed to convict a person in a criminal case.
10. In the phrase obtaining information respecting the national defense, respecting means:
a. regarding, concerning;

11. In the sentence To convict a person for disclosing classified information, to disclose information
means: 1
a. to make information known;

12. In the sentence The FCS will forfeit the assets of those engaged in federal crimes. to forfeit
b. to confiscate something as a penalty for an offence, breach of contract;
13. In the sentence Many organizations defraud the public and private health care systems. to
defraud means:
c. to illegally obtain money, rights, property (from someone) by fraud.

14. In the sentence The ITADA amended the fraud chapter of title 18 of the United States Code… , to
amend means:
a. to alter or revise (legislation, a constitution, etc.) by formal procedure;

15. In the sentence Identity fraud involves the misappropriation of another person's personal
identifying information…, to misappropriate means:
b. to appropriate for a wrong or dishonest use/to embezzle or steal smth;

.16. In the sentence Criminals use this information to run up debts on another person's account…, to
run up debts means:
c. to amass/accumulate or incur debts.
17. In the sentence Criminals use this information to take over existing financial accounts., to take
over means:
b. to assume the control or management of;

18. In the phrase to provide an appropriate penalty for each offense…, penalty means:
c. a legal or official punishment, such as a term of imprisonment.

.19. The synonymous term for the adjective counterfeit – counterfeit documents/notes – is:
a. forged
20. PIN is the abbreviation of ………………………… .
b. Personal Identification Number;
21. If participants ……………. any problems with the monitoring equipment, they must notify
officers immediately.
b. experience
22. If the defendant has a prior criminal record, his sentence a. will be harsher.
a. will be
23. A grand jury decides if there …… a probable cause to indict (accuse) individuals or corporations
on criminal charges based upon the evidence presented.
c. is

24. If a person … . believes, may have that he/she has been wrongfully imprisoned, he/she ……………. the right to challenge the legality of their confinement.
c. believes, may have
25. If the writ of habeas corpus . is issued. , the prisoner will be brought into court. 2
26. If, after hearing both sides, the court finds, is released .that the grounds for the confinement are illegal, the
petitioner ……………… .
a. finds, is released
27. If I had known what an open-ended question is, I would have passed my last exam.
d. would have passed
28. If you were such a good lawyer, your arguments b. would hold up . in the present situation.
b. would hold up
29. If you …………... the devil’s advocate and ……………. some exceptions to the
lawyers’argument, we could have won our last case.
d. had played, (had) found
30. If you were journalists covering the Supreme Court, what would you write in a murder case
b. were

.31. If the defendant were found guilty, the jury would then determine…the appropriate sentence, a life term or death.
b. would then determine
32. If the sentence of death for rape . violates the Eighth Amendment, the rapist may receive a life
a. violates
33. Judges have, refuse the authority to hold journalists in contempt of court, if reporters ……... to comply
with an order to reveal the identity of unnamed sources.
b. have, refuse 3
34. If the grand jury had conducted its proceedings in secret, requiring a journalist to reveal confidential
sources would have been considered prosecutorial abuse.
a. had conducted

35. If a journalist’s source is engaged in illegal activities and knows, will be ……… that the journalist could be required to identify him/her, the source …………... hesitant to talk.
b. knows, will be
36. If reporters are forced to identify their confidential sources before a grand jury, the press will
not truly be free.
c. are forced
37. Unless you work things out, we shall have to go to court.
b. work

38. If the pedestrian …has be assaulted by a policeman, the former should have made a complaint to
the nearest police station.
a. has be assaulted
39. If the journalist’s story had involved criminal activity, he would have reported it.
c. had involved
40. If a prosecutor were conducting a grand jury investigation in bad faith, journalists might have a
right to refuse to reveal their sources.
a. were conducting

41. You had better confess...your crimes right now, when you still have a chance.
c. confess
42. I would rather ..spend the rest of my life in jail than confess to a crime I did not commit.
a. spend 4
43. He made me . drop.. all my charges, threatening me with a gun.
b. drop
44. He let me . decide. which option was the best for my difficult situation.
a. decide
45. Let’s ..take...a short coffee break and decide afterwards.
d. take
46. Why not . discuss.. your case later, when we have further information.
c. discuss

47. He is far too unexperienced to be promoted . to chief justice.
b. to be promoted
48. The police are said to have been working on this case for many months, without any results so
b. to have been working
49. Apparently criminals tend to return to the scene of the crime.
d. to return
50. The Court is thought to have. Unjustly sentenced him to 10 years in prison, without any
possibility of parole.
b. to have … sentenced
51. Several measures need to be taken before hearing the witnesses.
c. to be taken
52. He recommended us to make an appeal as soon as the verdict is pronounced.
a. to make
53. We are sure that he didn’t mean to commit, perjury; he was too afraid to tell the truth.
b. to commit, to tell
54. They made him . speak under duress, without allowing his lawyer to be present during the
d. speak, to be

55. I hate to interrupt, you but our witness seems to have made it after all.
a. to interrupt, to have made
56. Everybody hates . expenses.
b. paying
57. I look forward to . in Court! We shall settle things then.
a. seeing
58. ‘Find me a good lawyer! I don’t want to risk .. spending.. the rest of my life in jail.’
a. spending

59. I advised him . to court and accuse him of conspiracy crimes.
a. to go
60. ‘Shall we proceed? It’s no use . waiting...for the witness!’
c. waiting
61. ‘I’m sorry Your Honour, but I can’ t help .. crying.. when I speak about my son.’
a. crying
62. They arrived home . to find... that the house had been burgled.
c. to find
63. Despite .. having been..jailed for drug crimes 5 years ago, he has just been taken into custody for
the same count.
b. having been
64. British Airways regret announce.. that the flight BA541 from Paris has been cancelled.
c. to announce
65. He couldn’t help noticing..that the defendant showed no remorse. 6
c. noticing
66. I don’t intend . to act..according to the wishes of this jury.
a. to act
67. I suggest ..deliberating...upon the case after a short break.
b. deliberating
68. The judge admitted .. having taken.. bribe from one of his defendants months before the trial

69. He finds it hard endure..the corrupt system of justice in this third world country.
b. to endure
70. He has been charged with trespassing. and taken into custody.
b. trespassing

71. It surprises me . to hear..that he has been accused of money laundering.
c. to hear
72. Would you mind . standing..up when the verdict is pronounced?
d. standing
73. ‘I strongly object to being..treated like a hardened criminal!’
c. being
74. We keep telling the law-makers that new laws should be instituted against public corruption.
a. telling
75. All foreigners complain that they are not used to driving on the left.
c. driving
. 7

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