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31. In the sentence: In jurisdictions that use indeterminate sentencing, the judge has discretion
to set the sentence at a maximum and minimum term within a broad range permitted by
law. the word discretion means:
a. the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid social
embarrassment or distress.
b. freedom or authority to make judgments and to act as one sees fit.
c. the moral and religious obligation to decide correctly what should be done.
d. the quality of being decent in one’s conduct.
32. In the sentence: A judge may permit a departure from this presumptive sentence – either
an increase or decrease in the length of the term – if specific justification is shown. the
expression departure from means:
a. a deviation or variation from standard procedure or established practice.
b. the act of leaving or going away.
c. the act of forgiving an offence and of dismissing the charges against the accused.
d. a subjective choice made in the ruling of a judge, due to emotional involvement.
33. In the sentence: Manslaughter is also the unlawful killing of another, but without malice
aforethought, either expressed or implied. the expression without malice aforethought
a. without the killer showing any remorse for his crime.
b. without the desire to break the law.
c. without the purpose of hiding the murder weapon.
d. without the intention of committing a crime (especially murder or grievous bodily
34. The word ............. means a plea that a person charged with a crime was somewhere else
when the crime was committed.
a. apology
b. excuse
c. alibi
d. forgiveness
35. If a person commits premeditated and deliberate murder, with atrocity or cruelty, by lying
in wait for the victim, he or she will face the charge of ........... .
a. second-degree murder
b. first-degree murder
c. involuntary manslaughter
d. assassination
36. The court designed to try members of enemy forces during wartime, operating outside the
scope of conventional criminal and civil matters, whose judges are military officers is a /an
........................ .
a. admiralty court
b. appellate court
c. department of defence
d. military court
37. The Claims Court, the Court of International Trade, the Tax Court, and the territorial
courts established in the federally administered territories of the United States are called
................. .
a. supreme courts
b. constitutional courts.
c. legislative courts.
d. courts of appeals
38. Assuming that someone is innocent, until he has been proved guilty is called ........
a. presumption of life
b. presumption of death
c. presumption of guilt
d. presumption of innocence
39. Choose the correct Romanian equivalents for the following British terms designating
members of the British government: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary,
Foreign Secretary (in this order).
a. Cancelar al Trezoreriei, Ministru de Interne, Secretar Strain.
b. Ministru de Finante, Ministru de Interne, Ministru de Externe.
c. Cancelar al Cecurilor, Secretar Domestic, Ministru de Externe.
d. Cancelar de Finante, Ministrul Apararii, Ministru de Externe.
40. The Romanian term “ministerul de externe” has different English equivalents in the
United Kingdom and respectively in the United States. Choose the correct English
a. External Ministry (UK), Foreign Ministry (USA).
b. State Department (UK), Foreign Office (USA).
c. Foreign Office (UK), State Department (USA).
d. Foreign Ministry (UK), Foreign Office (USA).
41. The suspect blurted ...... the names of his accomplices with a shrug of his shoulders.
a. away
b. out
c. off
d. in
42. After a good night sleep, the fugitive decided to give himself ........ and come ......... about
his escape.
a. away, straight
b. in, over
c. over, through
d. up, clean
43. In the sentence: The mayor made some remarks off the record about the rising crime
figures., the expression off the record means:
a. according to the records of the court.
b. not intended for publication or disclosure; confidential.
c. by reading some written notes.
d. having a formal, ceremonial character.
44. The appointed attorney felt gratified that the arrestee had no choice but to confide ...... him.
a. with
b. over
c. in
d. through
45. The eye witness was obviously in a state of shock and the policeman could not make head
or ......... of what he was saying.
a. tail
b. top
c. heel
d. rock
46. The judge seemingly tried to turn a /an........ ear to the opposing party’s rebuttal argument.
a. inner
b. deaf
c. lap
d. long
47. The defense attorney did not have a strong case, so he was beating about the ....... .
a. ground
b. track
c. drum
d. bush
48. While being cross-examined, the defense witness let ......... that the defendant had met the
victim before.
a. float
b. loose
c. slip
d. drift
49. In the sentence: Against all odds, he won the case against the insurance company., the
idiom against all odds means:
a. quite unexpectedly
b. quite predictable
c. without any effort
d. despite difficulties
50. In the sentence: Losing the trial after so much time and money invested was a bitter pill to
swallow., the idiom a bitter pill to swallow means:
a. a difficult fact to accept
b. a great success obtained
c. a stab in the back
d. a blessing in disguise
51. In the sentence: The witness was determined to testify against the defendant, but he got
cold feet at the last minute., the idiom to get cold feet means:
a. to faint
b. to lose courage
c. to change one’s mind
d. to collapse
52. In the sentence: As a teenager, he did time for petty theft., the idiom to do time means:
a. to do community work
b. to rot in jail
c. to serve a prison sentence
d. to be expelled from school
53. In the sentence: As always, the boys in blue arrived too late to stop the bank robbers., the
idiom the boys in blue means:
a. the fire brigade
b. the anti-terrorist squad
c. the intelligence
d. the police
54. In the sentence: With his recent arrest it became official that he was the black sheep of the
family., the idiom the black sheep of the family means:
a. the foster child of a family
b. a disgraced family member
c. the inheritor of the family estate
d. the love child of a family
55. In the sentence: He now serves time in jail for beating his wife black and blue., the idiom
to beat somebody black and blue means:
a. to hit somebody repeatedly until bruised
b. to hit somebody in self-defense
c. to hit the opponent below the belt
d. to strike the first blow
56. In the sentence: Losing the trial means more money down the drain., the idiom more
money down the drain means:
a. more money spent for a good cause
b. more money spent well
c. more money wasted in vain
d. more profit obtained
57. In the sentence: It would have been better if he hadn’t pursued the matter and had let
sleeping dogs lie., the idiom let sleeping dogs lie means:
a. not be troubled by any guilty feeling
b. do not try to change a situation that could become a problem if somebody
c. avoid facing something unpleasant by sleeping
d. not decide about something until the next day
58. Turn the following Direct Speech into Reported Speech, by making any necessary
changes: ‘I think it is extremely unlikely that you will be asked to testify’, said the lawyer.
a. The lawyer reassured me that it was extremely unlikely that I will be asked to
b. The lawyer reassured me that it is extremely unlikely that I will be asked to testify.
c. The lawyer reassured me that it was extremely unlikely that he would be asked to
d. The lawyer reassured me that it was extremely unlikely that I would be asked to
59. Turn the following Direct Speech into Reported Speech, by making any necessary
changes: The client asked his lawyer, Ms. Ann Straight: ‘Do you think I should plead
a. The client asked his lawyer whether did she think he should plead guilty.
b. The client asked his lawyer whether she thought he should plead guilty.
c. The client asked his lawyer whether she thinks he should plead guilty.
d. The client asked his lawyer whether she did thought he should plead guilty.
60. Turn the following Direct Speech into Reported Speech, by making any necessary
changes: ‘Did you actually see the suspect ditch the murder weapon?’, asked the
a. The prosecutor asked whether he did actually saw the suspect ditch the murder
b. The prosecutor asked whether did he actually see the suspect ditch the murder
c. The prosecutor asked whether he had actually seen the suspect ditch the murder
d. The prosecutor asked whether had he actually seen the suspect ditch the murder

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