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1. As he was caught in ................... of a gun, he was immediately considered a suspect.
a. control
b. handling
c. ownership
d. possession
2. The unruly ….. was broken up by the police.
a. collection
b. congregation
c. group
d. mob
3. The detective stood ….. behind the door waiting for the assailant.
a. immovable
b. lifeless
c. motionless
d. static
4. The police ….. off the street where the bomb had gone off.
a. battened
b. cordoned
c. fastened
d. shuttered
5. The police asked if I thought I could ….. the man who stole my car if I looked at some
a. certify
b. identify
c. justify
d. verify
6. The inspector was a very ….. man and he rechecked the evidence several times.
a. attentive
b. complete
c. thorough
d. thoughtful
7. The police who were ….. the crime could find no clues at all.
a. enquiring
b. investigating
c. researching
d. seeking
8. The police ….. their attention to the events that led up to the accident.
a. confined
b. completed
c. confirmed
d. contained
9. I was informed by the police constable that he would be forced to take me into ….. .
a. confinement
b. custody
c. detection
d. guardianship
10. The woman ….. for her husband’s life when he was found guilty of murder.
a. bid
b. debated
c. disputed
d. pleaded
11. He was thrown into prison and ….. of his property.
a. deprived
b. removed
c. denied
d. confiscated
12. There is no doubt about the outcome of the trial. The man is a ….. criminal.
a. self-centred
b. self-confessed
c. self-conscious
d. self-contained
13. If the terrorists are not sent to prison, there will be a public ….. .
a. attack
b. onslaught
c. outcry
d. recrimination
14. It is often difficult for ex-convicts to keep to the ….. and narrow.
a. deep
b. long
c. wide
d. straight
15. When the detectives finally trapped him, he had to ….. to lying.
a. recourse
b. resort
c. resource
d. retort
16. The witness ….. the statements made by the accused man.
a. agreed
b. confessed
c. corroborated
d. testified
17. A prominent local figure was ….. as co-respondent in a divorce case.
a. cited
b. accused
c. nominated
d. quoted
18. After considering the evidence for a few hours, the Jury came to a ….. verdict.
a. unambiguous
b. unanimous
c. undivided
d. united
19. The suspect is not under arrest, nor have the police placed any ….. on his movements.
a. obstacle
b. regulation
c. restriction
d. veto
20. His comments ….. little or no relation to the facts of the case.
a. bear
b. give
c. possess
d. reflect
21. The … question in this case is whether the accused had a motive for this crime or not.
a. crucial
b. forcible
c. supreme
d. valuable
22. I wish you would let me speak for myself and not ............ the words out of my mouth.
a. pull
b. grab
c. take
d. snatch
23. In the legal profession, men … women by five to one.
a. outclass
b. outnumber
c. overcome
d. supersede
24. All ........... barristers are expected to study at the Inns of Court.
a. hopeful
b. prospective
c. willing
d. wishful
25. The suspect is … to have been in the neighbourhood at the time of the crime.
a. accused
b. affirmed
c. alleged
d. announced
26. The American Bill of Rights, passed in 1791, represents the ........................ .
a. document establishing Parliament as the most important power in government.
b. first ten amendments of the Constitution of the United States which refer to the
rights and privileges of the individual.
c. the fundamental political principles on which a state is governed.
d. set of laws governing crime and its punishment.
27. An arraignment is ....................... .
a. an official approval of something which then becomes legally binding.
b. a written statement of the details of the crime with which someone is charged in
the Court.
c. the reading of the indictment to the accused and hearing his plea.
d. a writ issued by a court of justice requiring a person to appear before the court at a
specified time.
28. In the sentence: He was booked for driving on the wrong side of the road. to book means:
a. to order or reserve something.
b. to take the name and address of a person guilty of a minor offence with a view to
bringing a prosecution.
c. to check the financial records of a company.
d. to take the name of a player who breaks the rules while playing, three such acts
resulting in the player’s dismissal from the field.
29. A plaintiff is .................. .
a. a government official who brings charges against alleged criminals.
b. a person who is legally allowed to act on behalf of someone else.
c. a person who is accused of a crime in a criminal case.
d. a person who starts an action against someone in the civil courts.
30. In the sentence: He attempted to rebut the assertions made by the prosecution witness. to
rebut means:
a. to admit that the opposing party is right.
b. to give a judgment between two parties in law.
c. to prove that the opposing party is wrong, especially by offering a contrary
d. to deny all the assertions of the opposing party, without offering any proof.

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